Get Microgreens

From Toronto Organic Farm

Boost Immune System
Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease
High Concentration of Nutrition

Enjoy in a salad, sandwich, smoothie or garnish your dish

Loaded with Vitamins

Rich in minerals

Help in detoxing the body

Microgreens We Grow


Peas are a great source of so many vital nutrients and pea microgreens are a great place to start.


These are heartier microgreens that have some great depth of flavor

Red Radish

Radish is great for the skin and for helping control diabetes.


Taste tangy, the smell has a mild peppery aroma and the flavor is crunchy. Great for beginners


These are a super fun microgreen that is going to tease your taste buds.


Dark, leafy little microgreens are great for helping you to feel great.


This is a fast-growing microgreen that adds great flavor to any dish


We all love arugula and these are a fantastic baby version of your favorite arugula

Red Cabbage

Used as a garnish by chefs for its tender texture, earthy flavor, and unique leaf shape with brilliant purple stems

Bok Choy

Adds a cabbage-like flavor and crisp texture to any dish

Wheatgrass tastes mild, sweet, and “grassy.” Best for juicing & blending in smoothies

Why Greenarium?

We use Organic

Grown from
NON-GMO seeds

Pesticide free

Grown locally

Delivered within
24-48 from harvest

Available year

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