Fresh, Local, and Nutritious Microgreens Straight from Our Farm to Your Plate!

We use Organic, NON-GMO seeds

Pesticide free

Grown locally

Microgreens – Core selection

Taste tangy, the smell has a mild peppery aroma and the flavor is crunchy. Great for beginners

We all love arugula and these are a fantastic baby version of your favorite arugula

Dark, leafy little microgreens are great for helping you to feel great.

Peas are a great source of so many vital nutrients and pea microgreens are a great place to start.

Radish is great for the skin and for helping control diabetes.

These are heartier microgreens that have some great depth of flavor

Spicy Mix

These are a super fun microgreen that is going to tease your taste buds.

Rainbow Mix

This is a fast-growing microgreen that adds great flavor to any dish

Used as a garnish by chefs for its tender texture, earthy flavor, and unique leaf shape with brilliant purple stems

Adds a cabbage-like flavor and crisp texture to any dish

Microgreens – Specialty crops (On Demand)

Young, flavorful, and nutrient-packed onion plants harvested at an early stage of growth.

Tender and flavorful garlic plants harvested in their early stage packed with nutrition and perfect for salads and sandwiches.

Bok choy microgreens are young, tender greens with a crisp texture and mild, nutty flavor.

A young, tender plants with a mild, earthy flavor and a vibrant color, rich in vitamins and minerals

Tender plants with a peppery flavor and a beautiful purple color, packed with nutrients.

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